USAPL Atlanta Women’s Open- Thoughts on my 1st meet

A picture says a thousand words. So what does this picture say to you? This was taken at my first powerlifting meet on May 6th. I competed as an 84kg novice in the first annual USAPL Atlanta Women’s Open. I am so happy that I trained for and competed in this event. For my first event, I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. I was so motivated and inspired by the amazing women that competed.

Strength comes in all shapes and sizes. This was an event where women came together to lift heavy, cheer each other on, celebrate victories and console each other when things go wrong. I saw records being made. High fives and hugs. Lifters from the ages 12 to 70. Yes, 70. And she was amazing and strong. All of the women were so strong and so friendly. For a competition there was an amazing sense of community. I’m thrilled to belong to this community!!

Photo credit: Polly Magnolia Photography

For me this picture represents one  moment in time. It was me vs the bar. I had absolutely zero awareness of the spotters or the crowd. My sole focus was to hold my breath, concentrate on dropping low, and driving back up. The entire lift takes about 20-30 seconds. Just a blink and you’ll miss it moment.

But at that moment in time I proved to myself a few things.
* Hard work, discipline, and consistency pays off
* I can do all things through Him
*.If you have a goal and relentlessly pursue making it happen… it will
* Listen to your coach and trust the process

**I also learned that doubling up on the pee pad was a smart idea. But that’s probably not appropriate for this post. It’s real life though!!*

I didn’t set out this weekend to earn a medal. I didn’t come home with any tangible bling other than the coolest t-shirt ever.

What I came away with is a medal of honor that I can carry on the inside. A sense of pride that I stuck to a training program for 12 weeks. Satisfaction that Nicole and I left everything we had at the gym on our lunch breaks. That little spark that turns into a flame as you put a plan in motion and see it to fruition. I also came away with a dream and a drive to do better. A drive to train hard and really see how much stronger I can become.


Strong is beautiful. I’m at the beginning of this journey and I’m so excited to see where it takes me. My next meet is in 18 weeks, right in time to celebrate my 45th birthday. <3

Special thank you to Lis Saunders from Team Lissmash for being such an amazing coach!! Nicole McEntire is the best lifting partner in the world, thank you for pushing me, encouraging me, and b*tching with me. Kelley Rice, thank you for coming to cheer me on and for being my videographer for the day. And for feeding me pizza. And for being awesome. Thank you to Chris at Flex Powerhouse for all of your advice. Special thanks to all of my family and friends for your support and encouragement. I am truly blessed to be surrounded by amazing people who truly want me to succeed.

I’ll do a recap with my scores and actual experience tomorrow. But until then, have a great day!



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