There’s No “May”be, These Goals Will Be Reached

Part of redefining myself is getting back to goal setting and more importantly GOAL REACHING. So it is the beginning of a new month and it is time to declare some goals for myself.


  1. Track my food. I’m doing better with nailing my macros but I need to diligently track everything that I eat. For 2 reasons- so I’m not guessing at my intake and also so that I can start to identify my “trigger” foods. (aka what causes my stomach issues, migraines, etc)
  2. Eliminate cheat meals for a while. Realistically I can’t have a cheat meal every day and still reach my goals. (True talk here… that Godfather burger with pimento cheese isn’t gonna help me with fat loss or lifting heavy)
  3. Doing a nutrition challenge/support group with my Moms RUN This Town Chapter to help share recipes and motivation
  4. Continue my fat loss- goal is to lose 10 pounds this month
  5. Complete the 30 Jumps a Day Spartan Challenge (without injury, y’all know I’m not graceful)


  1. Consistency- stick to the plan
  2. Marathon Training (see number 1)
  3. Weight training- improve overall but specifically I want to work to get my squats deeper and increase my working squat weight by 10-20 pounds
  4. Yoga and mobility 2X a week
  5. Next race: Deep South 15K Trail Run on May 30

Personal Development

  1. Work on study guide for the SPHR to take test in the winter
  2. Do a daily devotional to keep my mind right
  3. Be grateful – find one thing each day to be thankful for
  4. Encourage others
  5. Go outside my comfort zone and become more active with groups

Community Involvement

  1. Work on growing the SoleMates program for Girls on the Run of Middle Georgia
  2. Attend at least 3 Team RWB events

Many of these goals will be ongoing for me, but I know they are achievable. Especially since I have an amazing support system. What are your top goals for the month? Whatever your goals are “May the Force be with you” and may your goals be met!

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