That Crazy Sock Girl

Heather, what is the story with your socks? Well, have a seat and I will tell you…

I am a runner. I love to run. I identify myself as a runner. When people ask me what I am doing for the weekend, they qualify “other than running”. So what does a runner do when they are told that they can’t run?

Cry? Scream? Throw things? Eat Ben and Jerry’s in your pajamas on the couch watching Orange is the New Black? Sit by the window watching other runners with binoculars?

As fun  and cathartic as those things sound, they are not conducive to my end goals. Ah, but I am getting ahead of myself. Let’s start with ‘What the heck happened??”

Weeeeelll, I am not exactly sure. One night in March I was trail running with my friends. It was our nighttime training run for Ragnar. As we were running through the woods I noticed that my heel hurt. I shook it off, walked some, and pushed through it.

Pushed through it in April.

Pushed through it in May.

Pushed through it in June.

Until I couldn’t push through it any more. It was so painful to walk or run. I had a sharp pain shooting through my heel and the back of my ankle. I reduced my intervals to 45:45 which helped a little but I went from being able to comfortably do long distances to where one mile was a struggle. Which, I have to tell you is very demoralizing. So a week ago I called the doctor. Who got me in the same day.

An x-ray revealed micro tears in my Achilles tendon. I was told that it was good that I hadn’t waited any longer and that the only way it would heal was to stop walking or running. So I was given the boot. Not just one boot, but two! I’m a lucky girl! I have one air boot to walk in and 1 boot that I wear for 2 hours a day to stretch my foot. Because I was stretching wrong and making my foot worse. (Who knew?) The doctor said no running, no walking, no skating, no jumping, and made my follow up appointment for 3 weeks later. And when I asked if I could still run Peachtree on July 4 by pleading that it was “Only 6 miles” he responded just like you are thinking as you read this. Sigh………………….

Last time I was injured I gave into the self pity. This time? Not so much. As you all know I love knee socks. And I have a few :). So since I have to wear socks under my mega boot I am rotating through my sock collection with my #sockoftheday. So I dug through my closet and pulled out my sock box.

My FB friends probably think I am crazy for posting my #sockoftheday pics each day, but I want to tell you a secret. This is therapy for me. It is actually fun to decide which sock to wear to match my mood AAAANNNND this gives me an opportunity to wear socks that I have lost the mate to, yet still have the single lonely sock in my drawer. (Oh don’t judge, I am sure you have lonely socks too).

It is also making the 3 week countdown a little more bearable :). It is also giving people unprecedented insight into my geeky personality. I’m almost not wanting to wear two shoes again….

Just kidding… I can’t wait to run. Wearing my crazy socks <3

How do you deal with your injuries? How do you stay positive when you really want to get lost on the trails? Or road?

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