March Madness

I love March. I love the wildness and adventure that heralds the coming of spring. It usually brings the first signs of color after the brown and grays of winter.

March is also good for new beginnings. For self discovery. For enlightenment. For soul searching and cleansing.

For me, March brings in a new era. Last month I did something way out of my comfort zone and I committed to competing in my first powerlifting meet. I will be competing at the 2017 USA Powerlifting Atlanta Women’s Open in May. (EEEEEEEEEK).


I have been toying with the idea of competing for some time now. I love, love, love powerlifting. But I wanted to wait until I was ready. So when is ready? How will I know if I am ready? What is the magic number that one lifts before they are ready to compete?

I had originally set my goal to compete in a meet before the end of 2017. Then one day I saw in my Facebook feed where my friend Nicole was interested in an event. I clicked on the event and read the description. It was a powerlifting event geared solely for women. To celebrate the female lifter and to encourage women of all levels.

Ummm… this spoke volumes to me!! I knew right then that I wanted this event to be my first. So I made the commitment.

The commitment was the first part. The second part- train. I am on my second week of training and so far it is going pretty well. I am learning a lot about perfecting my form and am really focusing on improvement. My lifting partner and I are enjoying the programming so far. It is pushing me to do my best and to push myself harder than ever before.

In addition to the focused and specific training in the gym, I have also had to change up my eating habits. Y’all… eating 2000 calories a day of healthy food is hard at first. 2K of crap is ALOT easier lol. But 2 weeks in and I can feel improvements in my energy and overall wellness.

Having an end goal REALLY helps with the motivation factor. Skipping reps and skimping on the weight only hurts my future performance and gains. Also knowing that I have 5 days of training each week is extra motivation to make it into the gym. I can’t have too many days where I can allow life (or my excuses) to get in the way.

I am curious to see how much I will grow and change during this process. It is so much more than getting stronger. There’s a dedication and time commitment. There is the believing in myself that I can do this. There is the stepping outside of my self to be around strangers in a competition. And there is that singlet (ugh).

March will be challenging and fun as I focus my fitness goals toward preparing for the meet. I will share my journey with you all! (That is scary too, you know. But I am excited too!!)

For now I am headed to the gym to bench press. Y’all have a good day and I talk to you soon!


PS- the t-shirt for the meet has a lady lifter unicorn on it, how flipping perfect is that?


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