Hello 2017: Welcome to my journey

In order to fully appreciate my journey, you need to know where I have been. My story is one all too often told. Girl has a baby. Girl gains a lot of weight. Girl loses weight. Girl gains weight again. Girl gets depressed and eats ALL THE THINGS. Girl repeats cycle over and over until it affects her self-esteem.

Girl works 40 plus hours a week. Girl lives paycheck to paycheck and is always broke.

Girl has intentions to meet up with friends. Girl gets anxiety and cancels.

Finally, girl says “enough is enough”.

Which brings me to rebirth/redesign of my blog. Welcome to the new year with a discarding of the old beliefs/habits. This year (and beyond) I am practicing self – love instead of being obsessed with the scale. I am going to treat my body and soul with what it needs for nourishment and for health. I am mindful of my finances and will reach financial freedom. I am going to nurture and grow my friendships and other relationships.

And I’m going to see just what this 44-year-old body is capable of accomplishing.

I have done a lot of praying, reflecting, and self inventory over the past few months. This had led me to make some decisions and changes that will truly allow me to grow as a person. I’ve made some dumb decisions in my life that have had a far-reaching and snowball effect, but this doesn’t have to define me forever.

So I am leaving behind the habits and beliefs that have created my problems and manifested into added stress. I believe that if habits can cause my problems, then different habits can create my success, right?

Everyone makes New Year’s resolutions and few stick to them. Instead of resolutions, I have some goals and achievements that I will carry out over the next 365+ days. I will be successful. Mainly because I will not be alone.

I am going to be INTENTIONAL with my life. Practicing simple actions and habits that will have long-term positive effects. “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” Philippians 4:13. I believe this verse with all of my heart and soul. With Him I can do anything, even getting through the hard stuff that life will inevitably throw at me.

Over the next few posts I am going to break down my goals and my strategies for accomplishing them. I hope you stick around, read them, and offer some feedback. And just maybe, you’ll find some inspiration or a kindred spirit!

In the meantime, I am headed to Homegrown Yoga for a Manifest and Move class with Anna. I’m starting the year off with intention. Namaste and Happy New Year!

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