Heather’s Helpful Hydration Hacks (Hydr-8 Water Tracking Bottle Giveaway)

Summer time is already here in Georgia!! Higher temperatures plus higher humidity equals a need to stay hydrated. And unfortunately drinking 64 ounces of coffee each day isn’t going to cut it!!

How much water do I need to drink? 

Most experts say that an average person needs to drink at least 64 ounces of water each day. I have been told by my doctor that for an athlete I need to drink at least half of my body weight in water each day.

Geez Heather, that’s A LOT of water!! I know you just said that. That was my reaction too!! But just think.. the more water you drink the more steps you can earn on your activity tracker. (I’ll let you mull that over).

Avoid dehydration 

By the time your body realizes it’s thirsty, you are already dehydrated. Continuing to perform heavy exercise such as running or lifting while you are already dehydrated will decrease your performance capabilities. It will also put you at risk for serious health issues. (This is where I put in the standard disclaimer that I am not a doctor, but I read it on the internet so it must be true).

Does the water have to be plain water? 

Not necessarily. I love the taste of water and typically do not add anything to mine. Since I work for a company that operates and maintains drinking water for my City, I proudly support drinking our delicious water. However I know not everyone enjoys drinking plain water. Here are some ways to liven up your water.

  •  Add cucumbers or fruit to your water. Umm… if you have never tried it, this tastes amazing. So refreshing too!! This is good to fill up a large pitcher with water. Add sliced fruit or sliced cucumber. Go crazy with the fruit. Use various combos: strawberries, raspberries, oranges, limes. After a few hours the water has had a chance to be diffused with the flavor of the fruit or cucumber. Soooooo good!
  • Add lemon or lime juice to your water.
  • Add a little fruit juice or mint leaves to your ice cubes. 
  • Add coffee beans to your water….. oh wait. Sorry. You can do this for a small part of your fluid intake though. #moderation
  • Add an electrolyte mix to your water during runs or other outdoor activities. My favorite is triberry Nuun!! 
  • Add BCAAs to your water, especially during a work out session.
  • If you must use other water flavorings, pay special attention to additives such as sodium, sugar substitutes, etc.

How the heck do I keep track of how much water I drink? I’m a busy person you know. 

There are apps and other tracking tools that help remind you to drink your water. These are very effective for some people.

I am a visual person. I am motivated by things I can see and measure. So 2 years ago I was very excited to discover a product from Hydr-8.com. Michelle had an ingenious idea of making a special bottle with time stamps to track her water intake. I love it!! I did a review on this bottle for my birthday 2 years ago and several of my friends bought themselves one. We all love it!! Don’t you want one too?

Michelle at Hydr-8 was so gracious and has provided a bottle for one lucky winner!! She has also provided my loyal readers with a discount code to order bottles for themselves or for gifts. Use ShortyRuns for 15% off!!!

I have the teal 32 ounce bottle, but I am eyeing the purple travel bottle to purchase. (There is a red bottle too!!! I need it lol)To purchase yours go to www.hydr-8.com and remember to use ShortyRuns for 15% off your purchase. And in the meantime, don’t forget to enter and share the giveaway!!

Until next time- Happy Running,


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6 Replies to “Heather’s Helpful Hydration Hacks (Hydr-8 Water Tracking Bottle Giveaway)”

  1. This is perfect! I've been looking for something like this for me and my mom. Going to tell my zumba class about hydr-8, too. I can never keep track of how much I've had! Thanks Shorty!

  2. This is perfect! I've been looking for something like this for me and my mom. Going to tell my zumba class about hydr-8, too. I can never keep track of how much I've had! Thanks Shorty!

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