I am so excited about the new year. I am looking forward to saying goodbye to 2014.

Every year I like to make some goals for the year. In 2014 my main goals were to run a Spartan Race and to complete a 50K. I am very proud to say that I worked my behind off, never gave up, and ultimately completed both of these goals.

I also ran ALOT of races in 2014. ALOT. Too many considering one fell swoop off of a balance beam at a last minute OCR resulted in an injury that derailed the last 3 months of the year. Knocking me out of my dream for a Spartan Trifecta and completing Marathon #3. However, you can call me the Queen of Plan B.

Enter my coach Stephanie, whose wise words were “You need to focus on quality not quantity of races”. Ummmm…. she’s right. As much as I loved racing, I think I just did too much. As a result I fell out of love with running. Whoops,.. there it is. The elephant in the room.

I have been struggling with this. A lot of it has to do with November and December being such tough months with my dad’s illness and death. I want to love running again. My dad was so proud of my running accomplishments. So I worked on my vision board and I have devised my plan and goals for 2015.
My word for 2015 will be #discover. I’m going to discover what happens when I work hard, trust the process, and STOP GETTING IN MY OWN WAY! Truth be told, I am my own worst enemy. I realized that I am sabotaging my own evolution. I always do. And I hope for different results. That’s the definition of insanity, right? So this coming year I’m going to discover myself and rediscover my passion for running.
  1. Quality not quantity. My race schedule has been pared down to one a month. I picked my favorite races. This gives me freedom to add in ONE more if something comes along that I just HAVE to do. (Just one my friends, just one)
  2. Focus on the 5K. I really want to work on my speed. My ultimate goal is a sub 30 5K. This will happen by next September on my birthday race.
  3. I do have two half marathons on the schedule. One I have already registered for (Hatfield and McCoy) and the other is a local trail race the weekend after Thanksgiving.
  4. Run three days a week and make it fun. Because running used to be fun. I miss that. I’m going to find it again.
  5. Train for and compete in a powerlifting competition. Yup, you read that right. I am so beyond excited about this. You have no idea. I am LOVING the improvements that I am making in the gym. And I am excited about learning more, doing more, and getting even better. Plus I love my coach and workout partner.
  6. Increasing my calories to improve performance and to reduce body fat. I get to eat LOTS of good, clean, filling food.
  7. This means I need to cook more and eat at home. Luckily I have an awesome meal management bag to tote my meals to work with me.
  8. This will also mean that I will save money by eating out less. Oh and by paying less race fees. Hmmm…
  9. Live everyday with gratitude. Count my blessings. Love myself. Be present with my family and friends. Give back to the community by volunteering with Girls on the Run of Middle Georgia.
  10. Document my journey and be more active with my blog. Maybe I’ll inspire someone. Who knows. At the very least this is the story of my life… and I am so very excited about the next chapter!!!

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  1. That sounds like a great set of goals. I think I entered too many events in 2014 as well, so I'm hoping to do some serious planning over the next couple of days to decide what I'm going to enter in 2015. I spent nearly 3 years chasing a 5km PR and finally achieved it a couple of weeks ago… but it took a lot of time at the track, and no marathon training! I'm also excited about going back to Crossfit in 2015, so I think we're likely to have some similar goals 🙂

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