Midsummer Reflections

Good afternoon! As I sit here during my lunch break on this ever so hot July day, I realize that the year is over half way over. Heck, it’ll be Christmas before we know it!! As the dog days of summer wane on and the heat remains oppressive I start to dream of fall. Of flannels, fun decorations, and of course- pumpkin spice EVERYTHING! Fall also brings my 45th birthday and my next powerlifting meet Continue reading Midsummer Reflections

Mission Statement

Good afternoon! It’s been a while since I have posted. Things have been so busy!! I am training for my next powerlifting meet as well as yoga teacher training. I have also been doing a lot of personal development and soul-searching. I will tell you that going through this 200 hour yoga teacher training has definitely been a journey of self discovery. With every assignment I have been able to see past my BS and Continue reading Mission Statement

USAPL Atlanta Women’s Open- Thoughts on my 1st meet

A picture says a thousand words. So what does this picture say to you? This was taken at my first powerlifting meet on May 6th. I competed as an 84kg novice in the first annual USAPL Atlanta Women’s Open. I am so happy that I trained for and competed in this event. For my first event, I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. I was so motivated and inspired by the amazing women that Continue reading USAPL Atlanta Women’s Open- Thoughts on my 1st meet

Meet Week- Road to my first powerlifting meet!!

Wow, I can’t believe that it is already May 1st!! This year has flown by but has been crazy busy. So far 2017 is shaping up to be an epic year in personal growth. (Good, bad, and ugly…. but hey I am becoming a better person for it!) I have been absent from my blog, but I have worked hard training for my first powerlifting meet. I am competing in the USAPL Atlanta Women’s Open Continue reading Meet Week- Road to my first powerlifting meet!!

Reflections on The Four Agreements

In less than 2 weeks I start a 200 hour Yoga teacher training through Homegrown yoga. Part of the preparatory work included reading several books, completing a couple of essays and journaling. Since I am taking you all with me on my journey I will share my essays and journaling with you. As I grow I hope to encourage someone else to follow their dreams. The first book we had to read and write an Continue reading Reflections on The Four Agreements

March Madness

I love March. I love the wildness and adventure that heralds the coming of spring. It usually brings the first signs of color after the brown and grays of winter. March is also good for new beginnings. For self discovery. For enlightenment. For soul searching and cleansing. For me, March brings in a new era. Last month I did something way out of my comfort zone and I committed to competing in my first powerlifting Continue reading March Madness

Hello 2017: Welcome to my journey

In order to fully appreciate my journey, you need to know where I have been. My story is one all too often told. Girl has a baby. Girl gains a lot of weight. Girl loses weight. Girl gains weight again. Girl gets depressed and eats ALL THE THINGS. Girl repeats cycle over and over until it affects her self-esteem. Girl works 40 plus hours a week. Girl lives paycheck to paycheck and is always broke. Continue reading Hello 2017: Welcome to my journey

It’s the little things (Endurance Racing Seminar Recap Pt 3)

Hey, welcome back to the third installment of my recap of the 24 hour Endurance Racing Seminar that I went to this weekend. If you missed volumes one and two, please check them out! Times like these are when I miss my Dad the most. I’d give ANYTHING to sit on the back porch with him and tell him the story I am about to tell you. So if you don’t mind… I’m going to Continue reading It’s the little things (Endurance Racing Seminar Recap Pt 3)

Gauntlet Race Giveaway (Endurance Race Seminar Recap 2)

When you think of the word seminar, what do you envision? Perhaps a nice Power Point presentation and fancy binders with handouts? With coffee and refreshments? Some instructional sessions followed by those awkward team building exercise that everyone grumbles about? Y’all… that is what I thought I was going to.  BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Photo Credit: The Gauntlet When you attend an endurance racing seminar hosted by Matthew Waller and Tanya Bickham there are a few things you Continue reading Gauntlet Race Giveaway (Endurance Race Seminar Recap 2)

Jump Right In (Endurance Racing Seminar Recap- Pt 1)

On Friday night I rolled into the Christmas tree farm a scared newbie with a car load of borrowed gear. I was headed to a 24 Hour Endurance Seminar hosted by Endurance Racer, Matthew Waller, 4 time Death Race Finisher, Catamount Games Finisher, finisher of The Suck and SISU Iron and finisher of the Winter AGOGE 001. I knew to expect the unexpected but I really had no clue what I was in for. Quite Continue reading Jump Right In (Endurance Racing Seminar Recap- Pt 1)