Gauntlet Race Giveaway (Endurance Race Seminar Recap 2)

When you think of the word seminar, what do you envision? Perhaps a nice Power Point presentation and fancy binders with handouts? With coffee and refreshments? Some instructional sessions followed by those awkward team building exercise that everyone grumbles about? Y’all… that is what I thought I was going to.  BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Photo Credit: The Gauntlet When you attend an endurance racing seminar hosted by Matthew Waller and Tanya Bickham there are a few things you Continue reading Gauntlet Race Giveaway (Endurance Race Seminar Recap 2)

Spartan Fit! and Giveaway

If you enjoyed Spartan Up , the lifestyle book from Spartan Race founder Joe De Sena, then you need to check out his newest book: Spartan Fit!  What is Spartan Fit? Spartan Fit! is a complete training guide to prepare an individual to compete in a Spartan Sprint or to just get into awesome shape.  No time to get to the gym? No access to equipment? Then this book will be perfect for you. Joe Continue reading Spartan Fit! and Giveaway

A Spartan by any other name… what’s new in 2016

2016 appears to be the year when everything changes and evolves. Spartan Race is no exception. The folks at Spartan have released several super exciting elements to their events that will make 2016 a game changing year. So what’s new? Introducing a new training plan based on the 4 elements: Earth, Fire, Wind, Water. This plan will help you prepare to be successful at all of the levels of the Spartan Race. The Spartan Elements Continue reading A Spartan by any other name… what’s new in 2016