Asanas and Attitude Adjustments

Good morning! Happy Wednesday!! Hope your week is going well. This is a deload week for me as I prepare for my first powerlifting meet this Saturday. This means no heavy lifting! Which makes me sad, but I have to trust the process. This means a focus on foam rolling and mobility work over the course of the week. It also means more hip openers in my yoga practice. Tight hips prevent me from being Continue reading Asanas and Attitude Adjustments

Sunday Runday and Food Prep

Yesterday was such a beautiful day here in middle Georgia! Upper 60’s and clear… perfect day for going for a run in my Skirt Sports Gym Girl Ultra skirt and a t-shirt. My nephew came over as soon as I was about to go out the door, so he joined me for a nice 1 mile run and 1/2 mile walk uphill back home. Ayden is 6 years old and was sooooo excited and proud Continue reading Sunday Runday and Food Prep

Love on the run… the Sweetheart Run 5K Recap

So after a racing hiatus I returned to the world I love today. The small local 5K. Small races are awesome for so many reasons. Here are my top 10!! 1. You are more likely to see your friends. I loooooove seeing the smiling faces of my running friends. There are some I see often and some I only see at these events. But I am always happy to run into a familiar and friendly face. Continue reading Love on the run… the Sweetheart Run 5K Recap