Asanas and Attitude Adjustments

Good morning! Happy Wednesday!! Hope your week is going well. This is a deload week for me as I prepare for my first powerlifting meet this Saturday. This means no heavy lifting! Which makes me sad, but I have to trust the process. This means a focus on foam rolling and mobility work over the course of the week. It also means more hip openers in my yoga practice. Tight hips prevent me from being Continue reading Asanas and Attitude Adjustments

That Crazy Sock Girl

Heather, what is the story with your socks? Well, have a seat and I will tell you… I am a runner. I love to run. I identify myself as a runner. When people ask me what I am doing for the weekend, they qualify “other than running”. So what does a runner do when they are told that they can’t run? Cry? Scream? Throw things? Eat Ben and Jerry’s in your pajamas on the couch Continue reading That Crazy Sock Girl

From a Whisper to a Roar- The Story Behind the Gauntlet with Coach Tanya Bickham

Photo Credit: The Compound On August 14, 2015 in Macon Georgia, The Gauntlet will be hosting their 2nd event. I have partnered with the creators of this event to host a giveaway. It is almost unprecedented for an endurance event such as this to offer an opportunity for a free entry or to offer opportunities for discounted entries. Yet, that is what Tanya Bickham and Matthew Waller wanted to do. They believe so strongly in Continue reading From a Whisper to a Roar- The Story Behind the Gauntlet with Coach Tanya Bickham

Eye of the Tiger- The Gauntlet (Liana’s Story)

I have teamed up with the creators of the endurance race The Gauntlet to host a giveaway. One lucky person will win a free entry and two more lucky individuals will discounted entries. It’s exciting to support local events here in Middle Georgia. Especially endurance events like this, that are planned with such heart and spirit of giving back. These events test everything that you have, but change you in ways you never thought possible. Continue reading Eye of the Tiger- The Gauntlet (Liana’s Story)

Overcoming Self Doubt- The Gauntlet (Michael’s story)

Photo credit: The Gauntlet In February 2015 The Gauntlet held it’s first event in Macon Georgia. Several of my friends attempted their first foray into extreme endurance events. Two of them, Michael Sanford and Liana Rogers were gracious enough to answer a few interview questions that I had about their experience. We will start with Michael’s story. A little background on Michael- he lost his father to cancer last year. Every race and event that Continue reading Overcoming Self Doubt- The Gauntlet (Michael’s story)