Midsummer Reflections

Good afternoon! As I sit here during my lunch break on this ever so hot July day, I realize that the year is over half way over. Heck, it’ll be Christmas before we know it!! As the dog days of summer wane on and the heat remains oppressive I start to dream of fall. Of flannels, fun decorations, and of course- pumpkin spice EVERYTHING! Fall also brings my 45th birthday and my next powerlifting meet Continue reading Midsummer Reflections

Asanas and Attitude Adjustments

Good morning! Happy Wednesday!! Hope your week is going well. This is a deload week for me as I prepare for my first powerlifting meet this Saturday. This means no heavy lifting! Which makes me sad, but I have to trust the process. This means a focus on foam rolling and mobility work over the course of the week. It also means more hip openers in my yoga practice. Tight hips prevent me from being Continue reading Asanas and Attitude Adjustments

That Crazy Sock Girl

Heather, what is the story with your socks? Well, have a seat and I will tell you… I am a runner. I love to run. I identify myself as a runner. When people ask me what I am doing for the weekend, they qualify “other than running”. So what does a runner do when they are told that they can’t run? Cry? Scream? Throw things? Eat Ben and Jerry’s in your pajamas on the couch Continue reading That Crazy Sock Girl