Gauntlet Race Giveaway (Endurance Race Seminar Recap 2)

When you think of the word seminar, what do you envision? Perhaps a nice Power Point presentation and fancy binders with handouts? With coffee and refreshments? Some instructional sessions followed by those awkward team building exercise that everyone grumbles about? Y’all… that is what I thought I was going to.  BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Photo Credit: The Gauntlet When you attend an endurance racing seminar hosted by Matthew Waller and Tanya Bickham there are a few things you Continue reading Gauntlet Race Giveaway (Endurance Race Seminar Recap 2)

Jump Right In (Endurance Racing Seminar Recap- Pt 1)

On Friday night I rolled into the Christmas tree farm a scared newbie with a car load of borrowed gear. I was headed to a 24 Hour Endurance Seminar hosted by Endurance Racer, Matthew Waller, 4 time Death Race Finisher, Catamount Games Finisher, finisher of The Suck and SISU Iron and finisher of the Winter AGOGE 001. I knew to expect the unexpected but I really had no clue what I was in for. Quite Continue reading Jump Right In (Endurance Racing Seminar Recap- Pt 1)

Friday Five: Never Say Never

 TGIF!!!! How is possible that today is May 20th??? Wasn’t it just the first, like yesterday? I guess time flies when you are having fun. Or is it time flies when you are getting old? Any who, I am so ready for the weekend!! But first… Here are five of my favorite things from the week. 1. The Rock Clock app. Best app EVER!! Dwayne Johnson recently launched his motivational alarm clock app appropriately called Continue reading Friday Five: Never Say Never

Friday Five- Friday the 13th Edition

Welcome to Friday!! We made it, so lets give ourselves a golf clap. It has been a particularly rough week as I had a migraine for 4 days. Thankfully Friday has me feeling so much better!! This episode has left me feeling rather dissatisfied with my current pharmaceutical treatment so I will be researching and exploring other avenues of treatment and prevention. I’m very curious about Botox as I have heard that it works well Continue reading Friday Five- Friday the 13th Edition

Heather’s Helpful Hydration Hacks (Hydr-8 Water Tracking Bottle Giveaway)

Summer time is already here in Georgia!! Higher temperatures plus higher humidity equals a need to stay hydrated. And unfortunately drinking 64 ounces of coffee each day isn’t going to cut it!! How much water do I need to drink?  Most experts say that an average person needs to drink at least 64 ounces of water each day. I have been told by my doctor that for an athlete I need to drink at least Continue reading Heather’s Helpful Hydration Hacks (Hydr-8 Water Tracking Bottle Giveaway)

But first, let me take a selfie…

The selfie. The word was first heard on an Australian newscast in 2002 but did not soar in popularity until 2012. Now you can not log into social media without seeing a barrage of selfies. So what IS a selfie? Merriam-Webster defines a selfie as: selfie play noun self·ie ˈsel-fē Definition of selfie –  an image of oneself taken by oneself using a digital camera especially for posting on social network There are a lot Continue reading But first, let me take a selfie…

Spartan Fit! and Giveaway

If you enjoyed Spartan Up , the lifestyle book from Spartan Race founder Joe De Sena, then you need to check out his newest book: Spartan Fit!  What is Spartan Fit? Spartan Fit! is a complete training guide to prepare an individual to compete in a Spartan Sprint or to just get into awesome shape.  No time to get to the gym? No access to equipment? Then this book will be perfect for you. Joe Continue reading Spartan Fit! and Giveaway

Ultimate Coffee Date- March

  Hey there! Welcome to my first Ultimate Coffee Date link up hosted by Running with Perseverance, Fitness Mom Wine Country, and Confessions of a Mother Runner. Thanks for the invite ladies!! Once we are done chatting, please head over to their pages to continue the coffee date.   I love coffee and good conversation. I hope you will sit down, enjoy a hot cup, and have a virtual coffee date with me.   If Continue reading Ultimate Coffee Date- March

In like a lion… Welcome to March!

Well hello there March! How the heck did you get here so fast?? January and February were over in a blink of the eye. March is pretty exciting for me as my racing/running season* really takes off. They say that March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb. Well, I am ready to go into the roar!! This has been a good week training wise. Started my Sunday off with a wonderful Continue reading In like a lion… Welcome to March!

Sunday Runday and Food Prep

Yesterday was such a beautiful day here in middle Georgia! Upper 60’s and clear… perfect day for going for a run in my Skirt Sports Gym Girl Ultra skirt and a t-shirt. My nephew came over as soon as I was about to go out the door, so he joined me for a nice 1 mile run and 1/2 mile walk uphill back home. Ayden is 6 years old and was sooooo excited and proud Continue reading Sunday Runday and Food Prep