2017 Intentions

Wow, can y’all believe that it’s almost the end of January? The past few weeks have flown by! We are 21 days into the new year…How are your resolutions going?

Mine are going great, mainly because I didn’t make any. Instead I thought about where I wanted to be this time next year. Then I started an action plan to get me there.

So I chose my destination and developed my road map. My journey through this year will be one of personal and financial growth. My main focus is to be intentional with my thoughts and actions.

I do have a few goals that I am working towards that I’ll share with you all. I’ll be blogging about my progress throughout the journey. The good, the bad, and the lessons learned.

Running goals: I am training for another 50K in October. To prepare for this I will run 500 miles this year.

Lifting goals: I will be able to squat 200 lbs, dead lift 175 lbs, and bench press 135 lbs. To do this I will follow a structured lifting program and lift 3 to 5 times a week with my friend Nicole.

Weight loss and Nutrition goals: I will feed my body what it needs to be lean, strong, and healthy. To do this I will count my macros/calories. I’d like to lose 25 pounds of fat.

Financial goal: Continue working towards financial freedom. To meet this I am following Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace plan.

I will be providing updates on my progress, training plans, recipes, and adventures so please check back in with me. It’s going to be an awesome year!

What are your goals for the year?



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